Beach Front sizzles over the 955!

 Beach Front has set the new time to beat in the latest heat of the 955m Jeep Challenge during the Moonee Valley Night Series.

After missing the start by half a length, leading jockey Damien Oliver sat behind the speed two back the rail and let those in front set a breakneck speed over the short course journey.

Approaching the 500m mark, Oliver eased out to one off the rail to get around a tiring horse and put Beach Front right on the heels of the leaders with only luck going to stop him. Fortunately the breaks came and Beach Front darted up the inside through a needle eye opening and the race was essentially over, stopping the clock in a lightning quick 55.08 seconds.

This puts Brent Stanley firmly in the drivers seat of the main prize, a $75,000 Jeep, with 8 heats remaining.

Jockey Damien Oliver apologised after the race after easing Beach Front down when winning by 1.5 lengths, admitting that he had forgotten about the challenge. Oliver joked that should Stanley not win the Jeep due to him taking his foot off the gas, he would lend him his Jeep for a month.

Congratulations to all involved with this speedster!

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